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20ish Questions with Grace

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A Profile in Hot: Grace

Born: 2 December 1984

College: North Carolina State

Vital Stats: 34 – 24 - 36

Hobbies: Competitive Equestrian (We think this means horse riding)

We at Ranger Up had the opportunity to sit down with Grace for perhaps the most hard-hitting 20ish Questions the world has ever seen.

RU: Hi Grace.

Grace: Hey guys!

RU: Let’s start with the obvious – why in God’s green earth do you hang out with us?

Grace: Cuz I love you guys!

RU: We love you too…

(awkward silence)

RU: Ummm…seriously…how did you end up hanging out with us?

Grace: My friend and I were at a bar partying and my friend saw a guy (Adam) looking at us and thought he was cute. He walked over and after joking around with us for a while, asked me if I wanted to model tomorrow at 9AM. I decided to go. I actually thought it was a joke.

RU: Do you often meet strange men in industrial parts of town for sexually edgy photographs?

Grace: Only on Sundays.

RU: Has anybody ever told you that you’re exceedingly hot?

Grace: I don’t think anyone ever used the word “exceedingly”, but yes, guys hit on me sometimes.

RU: Can they do this? (Two members of RU proceed to knock out the “Molly Ringwald dance” from Pretty in Pink)

Grace: Yes.

RU: Really?

Grace: Yes.

RU: In all seriousness, you have a lot of fans throughout the military – especially from the guys at BMF5 (BlackFive) and Rantburg – how does that make you feel?

Grace: The fact that American troops like to look at my pictures is the biggest complement that I have ever received. I am just a girl going to school – you know? These guys are out there going through stuff that I can’t imagine; all so that people like me can enjoy our freedom. I’m just happy I can help a little.

RU: That rocks. Give it to us straight. Why aren’t you dating any of us?

Grace: Other than the fact that you’re sophomoric, drunken idiots that amuse yourselves with a series of inside jokes that are made up of a combination of military jargon, experiences only you guys know about, and quotes from Team America: World Police, The Ladies Man, Wedding Crashers, and random Christopher Walken quotes?

RU: You say it like it’s a bad thing…

(RU proceeds to do a bunch of inside jokes involving Team America: World Police, The Ladies Man, and random Christopher Walken quotes. We purposefully leave out Wedding Crashers to show our flexibility with the spoken word and acerbic wit.)

RU: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Grace: Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.

RU: That’s awful.

Grace: It was you guys.

RU: Really?

Grace: No, but I figured you guys wouldn’t have any idea what you’ve said to me in the past.

RU: Touché. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

Grace: I had a massive stalker. He was a neighbor of mine. I barely knew him, but apparently he took a liking to me. I came home one day and there he was holding a bunch of my clothes. He freaked out and ran at me, knocking me down.

RU: That’s poor stalking technique on his part.

Grace: What?

RU: Nevermind. So you ride horses?

Grace: Yup! I have been showing since I was 3!

RU: Do you wear those riding pants?

Grace: Yeah, why?

RU: No reason…what’s your favorite drink?

Grace: The Mojito!

RU: Do you just drink them because of the movie Miami Vice?

Grace: Of course not.

RU: Uhhh…that’s not why we drink them either. So, what do you look for in a guy?

Grace: I want a guy who is funny, nice, sweet, and respectful.

RU: Does the ability to hit a man-sized target at 1000 meters in high wind play into it?

Grace: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

RU: Probably for the best. Tell us about your worst date ever.

Grace: I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad date.

RU: If you ever need anyone to solve that problem, we know a couple of guys…
20ish Questions with Grace
20ish Questions with Grace