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Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
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  • Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
  • Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
  • Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
  • Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt

Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt

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Lately in the mainstream media has assaulted us with “how terrible and inhumane” it is to kill the enemy. Videos of completely valid and legal enemy killings have been decried as brutal, and the troops involved lamented for adrenaline-filled celebrations after killing the guys who were trying to kill them. Many in the public seem to prefer that we fight Hollywood Style so it is a “fair fight”, and then give dramatic speeches about the horrors of war immediately after as we say a prayer over the body of the douchebag who has already killed or tried to kill several of our friends.

Our thoughts to these people:

1)Hey assholes, you’re right. No shit, it is horrible. It’s just about the worst thing on earth. That’s why the military gets paid to do it. Everyone used to realize this because everyone used to have to contribute and serve in times of war. If you don’t like how horrible it is, then don’t send the troops to do it. Write your Congressman.

2)If you don’t like the “unfair” ways that our troops fight using such scandalous “tricks” as ambushes and would prefer they line up in the open so the enemy has an equal chance, then go f#&k yourself. Hop a flight over and do it your way and see how long you maintain your tactics.

At the end of the day, our military, especially our trigger pullers, are trained to do one thing and one thing only: Kill the Enemy.

Step out. Close the distance. Kill the enemy.

If you don’t want that, then don’t send guys like us. Send the Peace Corps.

We do bad things to bad people. We promise you that we will out-train them, out-PT them, and out-shoot them. We promise we won’t stop until we’ve completed the mission. We promise we’ll win every single battle you put us in because there aren’t better troops on the planet. But understand we’re not going to play nice. We’re going to kill those that would kill us - that would kill YOU. Some of us will feel remorse. Some of us will not. And that is not for you, who stand behind the walls we guard, to judge.

Your choice is simple: send us or don’t. Once you send us, however, don’t get squeamish. It was your decision. We’re telling you upfront who we are and what we have to do to complete your mission.

We do bad things to bad people.
Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
Bad Things to Bad People T-Shirt
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