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<b>Brian Stann</b>
Brian Stann
Service: Former Marine
Pro Record: 12-6
  • Naval Academy graduate and decorated former Marine infantry officer with two deployments to Iraq under his belt.
  • Former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion.
  • Admired UFC fighter with twelve professional wins overall.
  • President and founder of Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit dedicated to helping returning veterans find employment.
  • Has a Medusa-like stare and a childlike fascination with saltwater aquariums.

UFC President Dana White once tweeted that Ranger Up fighter Brian Stann “is one of the classiest people on earth.” That statement certainly adjoins an impressive list of accomplishments that feed his “All-American” moniker.

After graduating from the US Naval Academy (Class of 2003), Stann served as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps—receiving the Silver Star on his second deployment to Iraq for his actions during Operation Matador.

Stann began his fighting career in 2006 while still serving on active-duty and, by the spring of 2008, had become the WEC Light Heavyweight Champion. Shortly after that, he made his UFC debut where he has accumulated six wins as of March 2, 2013 (twelve overall professional wins).

Along with his fighting career, Stann has worked as a commentator for the UFC, published a book, and is the president and founder of Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit focused on ensuring that veterans find employment upon separating from the military.

He looks like a cross between the Terminator and a shark and has a childlike fascination with saltwater aquariums.
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<b>Brian Stann</b>
Brian Stann