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God of War T-Shirt
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  • God of War T-Shirt
  • God of War T-Shirt
  • God of War T-Shirt
  • God of War T-Shirt
  • God of War T-Shirt
  • God of War T-Shirt

God of War T-Shirt

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The difference between life and death is often an instant.

Did you identify the threat in time?

How long did it take you to assess the appropriate response?

How long did it take to get a sight picture?

Did the adrenaline cause you to jerk the trigger and be off target?

There is no perfect answer on how to achieve the ideal balance of judgment and action, but one thing is certain: hard training in difficult conditions improves your chances immeasurably.

The image we have here is a subtle reminder of that. At a glance, the Norse Warrior and the Cavalier are in neutral territory, but upon closer inspection you see the Viking is already in the middle of the death stroke with a follow on cut ready. His opponent is a smidgeon behind. And that is all it takes.

The God of War hates he who hesitates.
God of War T-Shirt
God of War T-Shirt