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Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt
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  • Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt
  • Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt
  • Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt

Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt

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Taking that step away from what you know, what is safe, into a life of action is no easy task. In many ways, it is even harder in this generation – at a time when there is no draft and a smaller percentage of the population than ever in our nation’s history has military service.

We are not expected to serve.

We do not need to endure the physical pain, the mental hardship, the emotional stress. Time and time again, in every new school we use to test our mettle, quitting is always an easy option.

Even while serving, we could easily lose ourselves in the system – avoid deployments, avoid the danger – the fear of leaving this mortal coil at the end of an enemy round or IED.

But we don’t.

We rise up to the occasion. We stay steady while others balk. We march to the tip of the spear and we hold our ground. No matter what any critic may say, we are the gatekeepers to a free society. We are the ones that keep our world safe.

For Tim Kennedy’s next walkout shirt, he hand-selected Isaiah 6:8, which he believes showcases the strength of the troops he fights for and the families and friends that support them: Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt
Here am I: Send Me MMA T-Shirt
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