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Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
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  • Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
  • Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
  • Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
  • Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts

Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts

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It's a long time coming, but we finally have created a fight short we're proud of. These shorts are lightweight, extremely durable, and stretch in every direction without being so flexible that they bunch up. The slits on the side of the shorts are deep enough to throw kicks and knees with ease, but not so high that you look like you're trying to "show off the goods".

The right side features a sublimated Saint Michael image with our classic "I Fear No Evil" tagline. The left side features the Ranger Up logo. "Ranger Up" is embroidered in the front and back waistband. The waist features both a drawstring and velcro closure.
Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
Ranger Up Saint Michael Fight Shorts
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