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Our Friends and Other Links

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Please don't write us and ask us to pimp your crap. Only write us to post a link if you believe it is something that adds value to the U.S. Armed Forces or if you're a REALLY hot chick willing to send pictures wearing our gear...

Our Friends

Black Freakin' Five: Matt Burden over at Black Five does a hell of a job putting out original, fact-based content on the military and issues that affect it. What makes this especially cool is that he garners multiple perspectives from all services and some OGA folks as well.

Buy Matt's Book:

This Ain't Hell: The best source for Stolen Valor/wannabe busting around. The Ballduster McSoulpatch Stolen Valor Tournament is must read hilatiry

Fightnomics: The numbers don't lie and our buddy Reed Kuhn breaks down the numbers on the biggest fights in MMA here.

Other Cool Stuff

ITB Graduation Speech: This speech by LTC Randolph C. White Jr. rocks the party that rocks the party, proves that the groove is indelibly in the heart, and would never fake the funk on a nasty dunk. Check it out.

Greatest song ever: Whatcha gonna do PL?

The Classic Ranger School Promo Videos: If you want to fight tigers, these are the videos to get you there.

Starting Strong: Ranger Up was fortunate enough to team up with Ricky Schroder for an episode of Starting Strong. This show gives potential recruits a look at what it's like to be in the military and how to use the experience once you leave the service. You can see Nick starting at the 16:30 mark of this episode.
Our Friends and Other Links
Our Friends and Other Links