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Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
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  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
  • Phoenix Rising T-Shirt

Phoenix Rising T-Shirt

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The Phoenix exists in many cultures from the Egyptians and the Persians to the Greeks and Japanese. Regardless of culture, the story remains the same. The Phoenix is a mythical beast that lives for 500 years, burns into ash and then rises out of the ash anew, to live for another 500 years. In this manner, it can never be defeated.

We originally designed a variation of this shirt for a Combatives Tournament held in Iraq called Operation Phoenix, but the other day we found ourselves discussing a Medal of Honor recipient that we read about on BlackFive. The art for our Iraq shirt was up on my computer and we got to thinking how very much the story of the Phoenix resembles the infantryman. Bomb him, shoot at him, throw grenades his way all you want, but its not going to stop him. He still seems to find a way to emerge from the flames and keep moving.

We coupled this image with a quote from the great Ernest Hemingway, "A man can be destroyed, but not defeated" which we believe both illustrates the indomitable spirit of the combat soldier and the cage fighter as they close with and destroy the enemy.

The result? 100% pure unadulterated awesomeness.
Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
Phoenix Rising T-Shirt
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