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Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt
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  • Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt
  • Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt
  • Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt

Roman Primus Pilus T-Shirt

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The Roman Legion has been known for centuries as one of the most effective combat units known to man. The Primus Pilus, or "first file", led the most elite of those men. The Primus Pilus led the century in the first file of the first cohort in the Roman legion - essentially the tip of the spear. Holding the Primus Pilus position was an extaordinary Roman honor and only the fiercest warriors in the Roman Legion had even the slightest chance of being considered for this position of power.

The Ranger Up Roman Primus Pilus shirt features the Primus Pilus charging ahead of his men, as was the standard, to meet the enemy in armed combat. On the back of the shirt read the words Deos Fortioribus Adesse - The Gods Favor the Stronger.

The Ranger Up MMA collection consists of the finest ultrasoft ringspun shirts available with screenprinting so soft it feels like part of the shirt.

Our MMA t-shirts are made with a softer, thinner, and more expensive fabric than our basic tees. They are also more form-fitting with a more athletic fit, so please take that into account!
Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt
Roman Primus Pilus Athletic-Fit T-Shirt
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