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Story of the Week

If you are or were in the military, a fireman, or a cop and you have a phenomenal story to share, we want to hear about it. If you don't meet that criteria, but are a true patriot (Hint: Displaying a snazzy bumper sticker and degrading the government at a coffee house over an orange mocha frappachino does not qualify), we'd like to hear from you too. There are no parameters here. Kickass story from a recent patrol through that fine city of Fallujah? Ridiculous story from the last time you got loaded? They're all welcome - no need to be Bill Shakespeare - just start typing and send it on in. We'll edit it if need be.

Note: PLEASE do not send anything classified - if we think there is any chance that the story you send will endanger our troops, we will not publish it to our site.

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<B>Story of the Week</B>
Story of the Week