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<b>Tim Kennedy</b>
Tim Kennedy
Service: Active National Guard
Pro Record: 18-4
  • Decorated Special Forces operator with multiple combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations.
  • Accomplished performer, successfully mastering both the white and black swan.
  • Took a fight in the IFL six days after Ranger School against a renowned jiujitsu expert. Submitted him.
  • Renowned Cook, Twitter Sage, Collecor of Watches and Devoted Philanthropist.

RU fighter Tim Kennedy is an active Special Forces operator with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other locations around the globe—having been awarded a Bronze Star with a Valor distinguishing device during one of those deployments. But it should be noted that some of his most trying moments have involved honing his acting craft in an assortment of Ranger Up videos. His fearlessness in the cage has carried over into notable RU roles as Ron Burgundy, the White and Black Swan, Hamlet, and a host of other characters.

After amassing a 30-1 amateur record, Kennedy made his professional debut in August of 2001. He has won fifteen professional bouts since then, often interrupting his fighting career for his military obligations.

Aside from being a talented fighter, dedicated soldier, and rising star, Kennedy has dedicated his time and money to various philanthropic activities including Soldiers’ Angels, The Green Beret Foundation, and Team Rubicon.

During his modest amount of downtime, you can find him ogling himself in the mirror, cooking his renowned salmon dishes, dispensing his wit and insight via Twitter, and updating his rapper-like watch collection.
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<b>Tim Kennedy</b>
Tim Kennedy